Links to Books, Videos and More

Connections Count! Teaser:  A look inside a Connections Count! presentation.

Book Interview with Lancaster Newspaper:  An interview with Anne Schober about her recent publication, Heart Prints

Heart Prints Book Link: A direct link to Amazon where you can purchase Heart Prints.

Connections Count Activity:  A glow necklace activity during a Connections Count presentation. A glimpse inside a room of 200 people.

Get In Trouble Book Link:  A link to the book where Anne is a contributing author along with a group of Freedom Writer Teachers.

Teaching Hope Book A link to the book Teaching Hope where Anne and 149 Freedom Writer Teachers penned their stories about their experiences in the classroom. 

YouTube Tribute:  Watch a YouTube tribute that a group of students made for their teacher.

Facebook Connections CountFollow Anne on Facebook for upcoming speaking engagements, classes and motivation.

Thom Stecher and Associates: Follow this link to Thom Stecher and Associates where you can discover classes that Anne is teaching as well as a plethroa of upcoming graduate classes.

Freedom Writer Foundation:  Discover information about Erin Gruwell, the Freedom Writer Foundation, and how to become a Freedom Writer teacher.

Heart Prints Cover Artist: Follow this link to Greg Schober, the artist behind the cover of Heart Prints.

Twitter:  Follow Anne on Twitter using this link.

LinkedIn: Follow Anne on LinkedIn using this link.