When you question your decision to go on teaching, look into the eyes of a student who needs you, that's where you will find your passion again.

Anne Schober

Motivational Speaker, Founder of Connections Count, Author and Freedom Writer Teacher

Classrooms are changing. What used to be a place of imagination, curiousity and unlimited possiblities has turned into data driven assessments with teachers being scrutinized and evaluated based on test results. The result? Teacher burnout. Student apathy. Disconnection.   How do teachers find their passion again? How do students become engaged in their classes? How do schools avoid teacher turnover?

While the answers are complicated, it comes down to one simple phrase: Connections Count!  Anne Schober, an educator, author, and founder of Connections Count was in the trenches and has witnessed the massive transformation that has occured in education over the last few years.  When she entered her first classroom, she had dreams of perfect students, involved parents and lots of learning happening on a daily basis. Her dreams were crushed and she had no idea how to reach her students. In 2007, she was chosen by Erin Gruwell, the founder of the Freedom Writer Foundation and the teacher behind the movie, The Freedom Writers, starring Hilary Swank and Patrick Dempsey, to become one of 400 teachers worldwide to study under her tutelage. Through this exposure, she learned how to engage, enlighten and empower her students and learned the importance of the student-teacher bond. Connections Count uses what Anne learned from Erin Gruwell and her students, focusing on the importance of making connections in order to increase student achievement.  According to Sara Rimm-Kaufman, PhD and Lia Sandilos, PhD,  "...students are more likely to be emotionally and intellectually invested in the classes in which they have positive relationships with their teachers where increased levels of student's interest, enjoyment, academic achievement and less classroom disruptions are noted."  Connections Count helps teachers to re-ignite their passions and remind them why they became teachers... for the kids. It is a message that promises to make a difference with teachers, students and ultimately, the entire school community.


Anne lives in Lancaster, Pennsylvania, where she is a volunteer with CASA, is on the Sexual Assault Committe with the YWCA and is an educator with Thom Stecher and Associates. She is married to her husband, Mike, and has three children with her first grandchild on the way this coming Spring. She is excited to share her passion with you!

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