Each of us has a story.  Each of us is unique. Writing my story was difficult because it was not just my story.  My family, my students, and my fellow teachers became an integral part of my every day. Our lives were so intertwined and connected that it was impossible to separate the two.  Heart Prints is that story, our story.  After I became a Freedom Writer teacher in July of 2007, my life as a teacher changed beyond words.  I learned from Erin Gruwell how to teach with my heart so that the rest will follow. I learned to “put myself out there” so that my student would learn to trust me.  I learned that sometimes the hardest stories, the ones that tore us up and spit us out, were the ones which made us stronger. This book encourages teachers to open their hearts and their eyes to the students in each of their classrooms and exposes the realities of the classroom when a teacher realizes that each person has a story to tell and each person has a voice that needs to be heard. Heart Prints is a story of connections, success, heartbreak and love and is an impassioned call to learn to teach, love and speak with your heart and your life will never be the same. It is a patchwork of stories filled with honesty, despair, victories and tears.  Through my voice as a teacher and my student’s voices as they reflect on our time together, our world of connections comes to light through Heart Prints, a story filled with hope.

Heart Prints, published in May, 2014 by Library Tales, is Anne's first book. She is currently working on a workbook to accompany Heart Prints.

    Heart Prints: The Book and Reviews

Reviews of Heart Prints from Amazon

"Courageous story that left a print on my heart."  Bill Feaver, June 1, 2014

" I loved reading this sad yet inspirational account of a teacher that gave so much more than the gift of education to her students. The techniques used by the teacher are the perfect guide to any new teacher. Well done." Robert Checchia, May 30, 2014

"Inspiring reminder of the importance to empower ourselves and our youth." Karen Gibson, May 28, 2014

"This book is amazing! The message is so powerful and has changed my life. It should be a new teacher induction book!" Jackie Kirby, May 17, 2014

"This book is amazing and should be read by everyone. Anne is a wonderful woman and a brilliant storyteller. I am so glad I purchased this book. It's one I will read again, for sure!" Ann G., April 30, 2014

"I liked everything about this book. I would recommend this book to anyone who is passionate about making a difference."  Amazon Customer, March 31, 2015