Connections Count! Reviews

"Anne has a way of connecting with her audience. Her interactive approach keeps everyone engaged. Anne has a true passion for sharing what she has learned with others." 

Lisa Roth Walter, Penn Manor School District

"Thank you for coming in today. Your stories were so inspiring. I would love  to be a Freedom Writer teacher because of the changes it made in your life and your students lives." Audra, Millersville University Student

"Anne's presentation was lively, action-filled, insightful, and useful. There were times when the entire room was filled with laughter and a few times where there were tears. I am still receiving words of thanks for bringing Anne to our school."  Dermot Garrett, Principal, Upper Dauphin High School

"East Coventry Elementary School had the privilege to host Anne in the Spring of 2014. It was a time when the staff needed to be reminded what they do really does matter. She was engaging and riveting. In a very short period of time, she connected with the staff and had several moved to tears. Her message was simple: open your hearts and recognize that each student is a story waiting to be told. By exposing her own trials and vulnerabilities, the staff was reminded about the importance of making connections with students. She continues to come back to East Coventry every year to reinforce this important message."   Todd Oswald, Principal, East Coventry Elementary School

"What a great part Anne played in the success of our Teachers' Institute held at Carl Sandburg College this year! She did exactly what we hoped: motivated the audience, entertained them, taught them something, and made everyone of them feel good about being educators! She has a gift of speaking and sending a message. I hope she is able and has the desire to do this for many more years." ​Lori Loving, Assistant Regional Superintendent, HMWROE #27, Monomouth, Illinois

"There are few people that can hold the attention of a group of teachers, while at the same time, connecting them to each other, increasing the positive culture in the building, and therefore fostering a healthy, happy learning environment. Anne worked specifically with K-6 teachers and support staff in our building on making connections with students and she encouraged us to grow profesionally and personally in many ways. Her strength, vulnerability, and determination to make a difference is an inspiration to me as a mom, a wife and an educator." ​Jackie Kirby, Instructional Support Teacher