Connections Count! Keynotes, Presentations and Workshops

Each presentation is tailored to your unique needs and expectations

Re-Igniting Your Passion for Teaching: Using engaging  and interactive activities, personal reflection and powerful stories, each participant will revisit the reason they became a teacher, school administrator or school board member and reestablish their passion. This topic is perfect for a keynote during anytime of the school year! Keynotes range from 1 hour - 3 hours.

Creating Connections with Students: Through implementing Freedom Writer techniques, each participant will discover how to reach all students through unique methods and hands-on activities.  This topic can be combined with Re-Igniting Your Passion for a longer keynote or a follow-up with a break-out session .

Creating Connections with Staff, Faculty, and Administration to Build a Strong and Positive Working Environment:  By Building on commonalities and finding connections with others, this presentation will incorporate interactive exercises and self-reflection to bring about a strong and encouraging work environment. This topic can be a stand alone keynote, workshop or presentation. 

Freedom Writer Philosophy: Erin Gruwell was a successful classroom teacher by using innovative techniques and listening to her students and their needs. By incorporating the three "E's" into teaching, participants will witness a transformation from even the most apathetic student. This topic is perfect for a workshop scenario.

Writing From Your Heart: By building trust and respect, coupled with the right prompts and philosophy, participants will learn that each of them has a story to be told and they are the only ones who can write it. By using the idea of "teacher as writer", the participants will actively engage in several writing prompts which can be used immediately in the classroom. This topic is perfect for an extended workshop. Elements can also be incorporated into a keynote presentation.

Project Based Learning: Realizing that students learn best by doing, each participant will learn the basics of Project Based Learning, how to incorporate Project Based Learning in the classroom, how to manage a Project Based classroom and how to discover topics and ideas. This is a perfect workshop topic that can change the classroom by having students take the lead in their education.

Writing From Your Heart for Students: Through various Freedom Writer stories and writing exercises, students will learn the importance of telling their stories, trusting themselves to share what is needed, learning the importance of revision and finding the strength to publish their masterpieces.

Who Are the Freedom Writers?: A student-audience presentation, each participant will learn through discussion, writing and videos who the real Freedom Writers are, where they are today and how Ms. G helped them succeed. This presentation would be a dynamic conclusion following the viewing of the Freedom Writer movie. A Toast for Change, the Line Game and other activities will be part of the presentation.

College Presentation: Using Teaching Hope and Heart Prints as the primary literary sources for discussion and questioning, students who are studying education will participate in hands-on activities in order to embrace the realities of the classroom of which they will soon experience. Each particiant will have the opportunity to ask questions, raise concerns, and "get real" with a teacher who has been in the trenches.  This is a perfect Book Study workshop.

Weekend Writing Workshop (for Adults): A weekend of intense personal writing where digging deep and discovering what needs to be written are emphasized. This would be a great opportunity for a group of friends, retreatants, etc. 

Other topics available and each presentation is customized to your needs.  Please contact Anne for further information!